Build world-class academic facilities and student amenities

We have more students and more employees at UCD than ever before. To ensure that our facilities continue to enable the achievement of our vision for 2024, and to ensure that we have the facilities in place to accommodate the increases in student and employee numbers targeted in the first two of our key enablers, we must plan and implement additional academic spaces, sports and student amenities spaces, and student accommodation.

We have developed a Strategic Campus Development Plan 2016-2021-2026 which defines three distinct character areas: the academic character area (housing our teaching, learning, research and innovation activities); the sports and student amenities character area (housing our sports pitches and halls, our student centre and our student clubs and societies; and our residential character area (containing our student residences together with retail spaces, dining facilities, meeting rooms and support facilities in a ‘village centre’).

We are developing master plans which will guide the future development of each of the three areas. Over the period of this strategy, these master plans will be finalised, and significant progress made towards their realisation. 

In the academic character area we will deliver UCD Future Campus Phase 1 (the UCD Centre for Creativity and the UCD Centre for Future Learning); the UCD O’Brien Centre for Science Phase 3; significant enhancements to the Newman Building and the James Joyce Library; and planning of a further significant academic building to provide the capacity required for our forecast increases in student and employee numbers. 

In the sports and student amenities character area we will complete the master planning and deliver a new running track, a multi-purpose hall, performance spaces, and re-orientation and re-surfacing of many of our sporting pitches, in partnership with our students. 

In the residential character area we will complete Phases 1 and 2 of the residential master plan, providing the Village Centre and approximately 2200 additional bed spaces, and we will ensure that Phase 3, adding a further 800 bed spaces, is well under way.

We will ensure that our campus developments support the delivery of a student experience that defines international best practice, and that our strategic themes inform the development of a accessible, sustainable, healthy and digitally-enabled campus that also represents international best practice.