Develop our faculty and staff

In this strategy, we commit to ensuring that four strategic themes permeate everything that we do and who we are as a community. This will mean significant change for how faculty and staff conduct business and contribute. To enable this change, faculty and staff will be supported by training and development opportunities and a collegial culture that values a commitment to the University’s strategy.

We will expand the development opportunities for all our employees, creating a culture in which optimum performance and development is supported. We will continue to embed and refine our ‘Performance for Growth’ framework, ensuring that each employee has the opportunity to grow and develop. We will put in place new development programmes to ensure each employee has the opportunity to build their knowledge and skills relevant to each of our strategic themes, ensuring that these themes permeate the teaching, learning, research and support services we provide.

With routine transactions and queries being handled by systems, and staff providing high level support and assistance, there will be greater scope for creativity, strategic and critical thinking, problem solving and communications. This will provide opportunities for staff to move away from routine tasks towards more exciting and creative roles, and will lead to development and career advancement opportunities for staff.  

We will leverage the collective experience and skills of our faculty and staff by identifying examples of excellence and empowering individuals to share their skills and expertise with colleagues and to lead change. Where faculty and staff encounter challenges, we will promote a culture of collegiality and candour and develop feedback mechanisms so that challenges can be shared and solutions can be found.