Implement advanced systems and services to support our operations

Over the course of the last strategy we implemented improvements to our service structures and new IT systems to support the delivery of our mission. UCD has established itself as the leader of digital transformation in higher education in Ireland.

It is our ambition to become an international leader by 2024. This will require us to reassess how students register, to recreate how information is captured and accessed, and to reimagine how services are best structured to meet the needs of those who use them.

Over the course of this strategy we will develop a comprehensive and holistic roadmap for the digital transformation of our operations and an updating and streamlining of our services, and make significant progress on the implementation of this plan. In this way we will be able to effectively and efficiently respond to the increases in student and faculty numbers projected, together with the planned infrastructure developments. 

This roadmap will help us plan change and shape the community and institutional development we create through that change.  We will ensure that UCD becomes a model for digital transformation in a higher education environment in an Irish context and globally. Implementing this roadmap will mean significant changes to the way we conduct business and deploy staff.  

We will focus on four sections of the UCD community – students and their journey, employees and their employment, managers and leaders and their routine managerial tasks, and academics in the routine tasks which enable their teaching and research.

In each case we will ensure that the appropriate digital systems are in place to simplify and reduce the need for staff time to be absorbed in routine tasks, releasing staff to provide higher level support and assistance, and to contribute to the four strategic themes of this strategy. In this way the experience of all members of the UCD community will be enhanced.

This enabler will contribute significantly to the strategic theme of Transforming through Digital Technology, making the campus a model of working in the digital age.